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How do the memberships work?

We have 3 different levels based on your budget. We have a $99 per month, $199 per month, and $299 per month options available.
Our Lux 99 and Radiance memberships are like a beauty savings account. Your money will build up in your Luminare wallet and can be redeemed at any time.

What is the benefit to me?

These memberships help you save for your upcoming appointments and get you extremely discounted rates for being a loyal customer to Luminare.

Are there any fees associated with these?

No! Every penny you pay goes directly to YOU to use on any service.

Can I use my money on services not listed?

Absolutely! Your money can be used on ANY service at Luminare. The ones listed are just special deals for members only.

How does the Ultimate Membership work?

Our Ultimate membership is perfect for you if you are ready to take your skin to the ultimate level. Money does not accumulate in this membership. Instead, you pay a set price that covers 9 different devices throughout the year. Additionally, you get 10 units of Any Tox that accumulates in your wallet throughout the year equaling 120 units total for FREE along with other listed discounts.

Is this a contract?

Yes these memberships are 6 or 12 month contracts. There is a $250 cancellation for the Lux and Radiance Membership if canceled prior to end of agreement to cover the savings you were given during your term.

Can the Ultimate membership be canceled?

It cannot. This membership offers substantial savings and cannot be canceled prior to 12 months as stated.

Can I change to a different level with this program?

You can go up to a higher level of membership at any time, however you cannot go down to a lower level without a cancellation fee.

Is there a certain day I am charged?

Membership fees are charged the first day of every month.

How do I know the amount in my wallet?

Please Call the office at 816-272-1477 and we can discuss the amount in your wallet and what services you have available.

Do these memberships auto renew?

No, you will need to sign up for another year if you choose to do so.

Can I transfer the money in my wallet to another client to pay for their services?

Yes, you can choose to pay for another client’s services with the money in your wallet. They will not receive the same member discounts, we will only be able to transfer the dollar amount to pay for their service.

Ok, I’m ready! How do I sign up?

Stop by our office to sign up, or give us a call at (816) 272-1477 if you have any questions!