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How long does Wrinkle Relaxer typically last?2021-03-25T18:38:24-05:00

3-4 months on average. Your metabolism, physical activity level, diet and how often you get treated all play a role.

Is there downtime after wrinkle relaxer?2021-03-25T18:25:46-05:00

You may have some redness/swelling (like a bee-sting) at the injection sites after. These usually resolve in 20-30 minutes.

How long is the appointment?2021-03-25T18:26:05-05:00

30 minutes on average

Should I wear makeup?2021-03-25T18:26:54-05:00

Totally up to you! Your provider will cleanse each injection site prior to injecting, so keep in mind you will be missing make-up in these areas after.

Is there any special after care?2021-03-25T18:27:17-05:00

We ask that you not touch the injection sites and stay upright for at least 2 hours following your treatment. Avoiding exercise for at least 24 hours after, may also help your results last longer!

How long till I see results?2021-03-25T18:27:53-05:00

Depending on which brand of wrinkle relaxer you use, results typically start to take effect between 3-7 days. Full results are usually seen by 14 days.
Because of this, your provider will need to wait 14 days before they can add more product.

If I need a touch up, do I need to wait 3-4 months?2021-03-25T18:28:19-05:00

If you are ever unsatisfied with your results, let us know and we will work with you! Your provider will need to wait 14 days before they can add more product however, so it’s usually best to wait 14 days after your treatment before you contact them.

What is the client wallet? / Can I access this on my portal?2021-03-25T18:28:37-05:00

The client wallet is a place where you can prepay for your services. If you ever want to know your wallet balance, please text or call the office and we would be happy to provide this information for you!

Can you cancel a membership?2021-03-25T18:30:26-05:00

Yes, but please keep in mind that a cancellation fee will be charged to do so.

What is the cancellation policy?2021-03-25T18:31:05-05:00

If you cancel less than 24 hours or No Show to your appointment, there will be a charge of $75 to your account. This fee will be applied to your next appointment the first time this occurs.

If I booked a facial and wrinkle relaxer on the same day, is there a certain order I need to get these done in?2021-03-25T18:30:45-05:00

Yes! Please book your facial first, followed by your wrinkle relaxer appointment. We ask that you do not touch your face 2 hours following your injections.

What is the cost of a consultation?2021-03-25T18:31:22-05:00

We offer complimentary consultations for all clients. Please keep in mind, not all services discussed in your consultation can be performed that same day (as some services need more than the allotted time given).

What is the difference between Dermal Filler and Wrinkle Relaxer?2021-03-25T18:31:45-05:00

Wrinkle Relaxers (such as Botox, Xeomin, Dysport) work by freezing the muscles they are injected in. Dermal fillers (such as Versa, Restylane, Juvederm etc…) help replace volume in areas that occur from aging or weightloss.

What is the typical amount of units it takes for Wrinkle Relaxers?2021-03-25T18:32:05-05:00

The amount of units needed varies by each individual. Your provider will discuss: your concerns, goals, and budget to create a custom plan specific for you.

Can you treat TMJ? 2021-03-25T18:32:22-05:00

Yes! TMJ treatments typically require between 40-60 units of product depending on your specific needs. We do not accept insurance however, so please keep this in mind.

How are the lashes applied to the eyelid?2021-03-25T18:32:41-05:00

One individual false lash is applied onto your real lash with a semi-permanent lash gl

How long do they last?2021-03-25T18:32:59-05:00

Most lash styles typically last 2-3 weeks if correct aftercare is performed.

Differences between sets2021-03-25T18:33:24-05:00

Classic = natural lashes

Hybrid = natural / volume (combined set)

Volume = full and thick (Glam!)


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